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AbiCure Sweden AB Introducing Healthcare Products in Asia

AbiCure Sweden AB is proud to announce its foray into the Asian market with the successful establishment of a branch office in Pakistan. With a population of 220 million, the country is a tremendous potential market for healthcare products –– which was the driving force for AbiCure’s partnership with Algene Medical Pvt Ltd. This well-established organization has been operating in Pakistan for many decades, and their newfound partnership will allow AbiCure to launch effective, ongoing product launches.

Tabish Waseem, Commercial Director of Abicure Sweden AB and acting CEO for the branch office in Pakistan, said, “This is AbiCure Sweden AB’s first step in Asia. We are starting from Pakistan, which has a market of 220 million people. We will work to bring innovative, cost-effective, and efficient healthcare products to the people of Pakistan.”

Investment in Algene Medical PVT Ltd

Recently AbiCure Sweden PVT Ltd., a subsidiary of AbiCure Sweden AB, agreed and investing 25 million SEK in Algene Medical PVT Ltd, granting them a 25% stake. Algene Medical Pvt Ltd. will use these funds to expand the business and bolster its operations in the Pakistani market. 

AbiCure Sweden AB currently operates in Pakistan and aims to expand by opening branch offices in other Asian markets. Currently, it’s a team of 50 highly qualified sales and marketing professionals working to build a solid foundation for the company. AbiCure looks to increase its sales team to 120 representatives by the end of the year and targets 250 by 2025, with hopes of reaching 1.5 billion SEK in sales within the next five years with their existing products and those in the pipeline.

Promoting Preventive Care through Innovative Healthcare Products

AbiCure Sweden AB strives to spread awareness of preventive care through its products and services and those of other healthcare companies. They exclusively own their trademarks and continuously develop their product line. Primarily marketed to healthcare professionals and patients, these products focus on Asian markets and therapeutic areas such as Gynecology, Nephrology, and Cardiology. 

AbiCure is open to discussing opportunities to help your products meet your medical marketing needs –– on hand to assist or lead both small and large-scale projects. With deep domain expertise in both marketing and healthcare, they have become a trusted partner for businesses to help deliver their product message to healthcare professionals effectively. What’s more, with plans to expand its product line and operations to Surgery, Oncology, and Pulmonology, AbiCure is well-equipped to meet your medical marketing needs.

To learn more about AbiCure Sweden AB, please visit their website or call +46 (0) 31 683 700.